Guiding the young female STEM leaders of tomorrow.

Currently, only 13% of the STEM work force are women. This gender imbalance isn’t about ability, access or aptitude; its about mind set. Girls at Key Stages 4 and 5 can be the hardest to motivate with STEM subjects, as without visible role models or career paths young women are less likely consider STEM subjects at degree level.

We want to change this and bring sustainable careers into the reach of young women across the UK. By partnering with major industry, we connect students with possible role models in the class room or on line.
Your students see that studying STEM at degree level means more than subject knowledge, it means a skill set for life:
  1. analytical thinking
  2. leadership
  3. creativity
  4. ambition

Our hand picked speakers are high achieving women, often in their mid-career. Their real life insights are meant to inform and inspire. They help students to:
  1. See STEM as a realistic and challenging sector, with genuine opportunities and careers.
  2. Contextualise the STEM curriculum by introducing them to real STEM sector professionals.
  3.  Get motivated in their studies and consider a broader range of STEM based careers.