Are your students getting the most from their STEM subjects?

If they are girls at Key Stages 4 and 5, then they are probably missing out.

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STEM Industry

The contribution to GDP made by STEM based industries forms a cornerstone of the UK economy. Government policy for the sector regularly focuses on our innovation and quality. It creates employment, distributes wealth in economic cold spots and is a catalyst social and educational change. Attracting significant foreign investment to our shores, while remaining one of Britain’s leading export areas.

Time for change

STEM Bridge was founded to address the gender imbalance in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths sectors. We know it isn’t about ability, access or aptitude; its about mind set. Its about giving the right information at the right time. We believe that the best way to create lasting change is by inspiring it within the emerging workforce. We want to bring sustainable STEM careers into the reach of young women across the UK.

Women in Work

Did you know that women make up just 13% of the UK’s STEM workforce? Yes… we didn’t like the imbalance either!

Love STEM?

Girls at Key Stages 3 and 4 can be the hardest to motivate with STEM subjects as they don’t see a future use for this skill set.

Bigger Picture

Did you know that STEM employment opportunities far outstrip the number of qualified UK graduates. The Campaign for Science and Engineering stated that around 40% of STEM sector jobs are left unfilled due to the lack of qualified candidates.

We know people

By linking with schools and partnering with major industry we are able bridge the gap between education and careers

What others are saying about us

STEM Bridge is important to students because it is designed to inspire and engage young people with STEM subjects. STEM Bridge provides a unique and meaningful opportunity for students to meet high achieving individuals with a successful career in the STEM industry.
N Modha Head of key stage 4 - Maths
The work of William Dryden and his team is so needed. I recently hired for my digital team. Of the eight shortlisted candidates only two were women; and only one of those was from and resident in the UK. This gender disparity should be addressed in Education not simply training. Great work STEM Bridge.
H Ray Head of Digital, and Fellow of The Worshipful Company of Information Technolgists

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